Product Liability

Injured by a dangerous or defective product?

When someone is injured or killed by a defective product, the manufacturer or seller may be liable the victim for the harm caused under the law of products liability. While there is no traditional “strict liability” for defective products in North Carolina, a manufacturer or seller can still be held responsible for negligence in the design or manufacture of a product, failure to warn, and breach of warranty.

Some of the types of product liability cases we handle include:

  • Defective automobiles,
  • Dangerous construction equipment,
  • Defective consumer products, such as kitchen appliances and exercise equipment,
  • Burns and inhalation injuries from chemical products,
  • Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations from defective products, and
  • Machinery or equipment without proper guards or warnings.

If you have been injured by a commercial product because of a defective design, because it was defectively manufactured, or because you were not adequately warned about a product's inherent dangers, you should consult an experienced products liability lawyer.